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Batch to Continuous Manufacturing Processes

What are some of the decision-making tools that would allow you to move from batch processing to more continuous drug substance manufacturing? Over the last few years and especially after the emergence of COVID-19, interest in this topic has increased significantly. Companies are looking for ways to respond to needs from existing customers but also…

Bread and Tissue Engineering have a lot in common

Did you know that the ancient art of bread making; artisan bread, is contributing to science in a big way? Specifically, studying the use of bread as a biomaterial scaffold is helping innovate tissue engineering methods. To be quick, instead of making the bread using the basic ingredients of flour, water, salt, and yeast like…

Hi there! Welcome to our official blog page.

The BioKive is the official blog site for Bryant Fouts, a fanatic of topics related to Biology, Microbiology, and science in general. You can take a look at what I believe to be an OK photo of myself below. Ok so, here’s this gist. Talking about ‘sciency’ stuff with you should be fun. I will…

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