About Us

Artisan, Husband, Brother, Yorkipoo Dad, Nature Enthusiast, Foodie, Lover of Science, Account Consultant

Hi, I’m Bryant Fouts!

The mind behind The BioKive. I’m a bit witty, definitely an introverted omnivert, energetic, passionate, dedicated, bold, sensitive, considerate, relentless, focused, and creative. These are most likely not exhausted but they are at least a good start to get things going when explaining a little about my personality. I am passionate about the education of science and its wonders while simultaneously being determined to carve a space for myself in a sector of opportunity that is often not presented to individuals who look like me (frankly, black folk).

I’m being a bit different by not only being a black individual who is making a successful career within the Life Science and Biopharma industries. This blog is intended to share both my love of science and help shed light on the inept desire of American society in general to highlight the achievements and contributions to the world of research and discovery by black scientists and individuals.

Since you may still be curious about what I do for a living…

I help individuals and companies within biotech, and biopharma spaces with supplies, services, and workflow advice needed to produce affective and compliant life-changing research.