What does progression look like in the fight against racism? Where to start.

A quick note: Just because you’ve normalized my trauma, uncomfortability, and plight against racism doesn’t mean you get to use “soft language” to put yourself in a position of comfort WHENEVER my experiences, any general topic of racism, and the thought of anti-racist acts are in conversation.

To the Caucasian individuals:
You need to ask yourself, “who taught me to be uncomfortable speaking about AND being an anti-racist individual?” Sit with the genuine answers then move forward from there.

To those of African descent:
***You need to ask yourself, “who taught me to be uncomfortable speaking out against racism when the very act of it is designed to keep me viewed as less than human? Who taught me to accept this murderous regime? Why has my history; prior to chattel enslavement, always been in danger of being erased and re-written and I’ve not taken the steps to learn it?” Why is the ugly history of enslavement of African people in this country being erased and what am I doing to change that? Why do you accept the voice of others who whisper in your ear that, “it can’t all be about race?””

The deeper you dig, you will be reminded that the entirety of this country’s history and elevation is established on the idea of promoting the very notion of the construct called race, so wake up and decide to make change (if you are of European descent), and wake up then stay woke in order to fight for your life (if you are of African descent).

Most of the answers you seek (if you indeed seek them) will be found by asking yourself some of these simple questions and will be enough for you TO START making change. This is bigger than myself and I’ve realized this a long time ago. If you are not able to do the individual work in this fight, that alone speaks to where you desire to sit comfortably as all this continues to rapidly evolve.


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