An update on the George Floyd sparked DEI initiatives

The DEI space became a sector of popularity after George Floyd’s death. Like wild fire there was a deluge of individuals; who never focused on this type work prior to this event, now participating in what looked like a wave of positive change. Keep in mind that DEI initiatives were created to “address” Black issues in the workplace. If you view the source link below you will see the data since 2010 which shows there has been a monopoly on the African American experience by non-black individuals. The initial outlook in 2020 again appeared to be progressive and would finally lead to the start of dismantling the strongholds of racism in this country but the spirit of colonization and white supremacy lives on alive and well.

The data via the images included here are not old news but are pertinent in revealing what African American people have been saying and continue to say about why DEI programs just don’t work for them, but in the majority of cases makes things worse. Initiatives like DEI, etc., which SHOULD BE designed to promote edification and equality of Black folks in the workplace and ultimately society at large, hold stark permutations of anti-establishment against black folks perpetrated by white folks. This is an old tactic used during the days of enslavement which was also a crucial element in maintaining white supremacy (white superiority). Ultimately, it was used to keep individuals of African descent abased for the justification of chattel slavery. It is one of the pillars of the confederacy that I will talk about in my book (when I eventually finish it).

Almost every white women I’ve encountered in the DEI space DOES NOT have a Black or POC mentor. Not one! They have positioned themselves as THE experts on the African American experience. Think about that for a moment. Now, think about it for a long time.

What exactly is your work in DEI? Because, the numbers and outcome to-date show it is NOT equity.

Again, my voice is not a mute plea of abetment but more of a demand for immediate change. Back in 2020 I called this and screamed from the mountain tops that this would be the impending predicament to face. Here we are.

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