Hi there! Welcome to PPC’s official blog page.

The BioKive is the official blog site of PPC (Pharma Product Consultants) and I’m Bryant Fouts the owner of PPC and fanatic of topics related to Biology and Microbiology. You can take a look at what I believe to be an OK photo of myself below. If you are in need of Life Science related products you can visit the PPC website here.

Ok so, here’s this gist. Talking about ‘sciency’ stuff with you should be fun.

PPC will use this blog to share our excitement of and information regarding these the two subjects mentioned above (vast we know but this certainly works for us), periodically share information on products we carry in our online store, and most importantly (the big one), The BioKive will be used as a platform to recognize and highlight the achievements and impact of black scientists and black individuals within and around the scientific community. That’s a lot.

But, why are we so passionate about this you ask?

The lack of narrative surrounding successful black achievement in the space of Life Science, R&D, and biotechnology (just to name a few) is appalling to say the least especially when black scientists throughout history have contributed immensely to the advancement of science as we know it today. What is even more damaging is the lack of accessibility and visibility of general knowledge of and regarding those achievements. In short, we need to give credit where credit is due so society as a whole can learn and benefit from it. It is only right to ensure future generations understand how an entire group of disenfranchised individuals still rose to the occasion to produce astounding achievements in the realm of science. Imagine if the scales of opportunity were ‘equal for all’ from the start. Imagine the possibilities unveiled as a result of unhindered progress that could have arisen for society to enjoy. There is still much work to do.

Our purpose here is to connect with:

  • individuals who love biology and Microbiology,
  • potential customers of the PPC brand (of course this is a business blog),
  • and those who want to see more representation of black individuals in the areas of S.T.E.M but also ongoing acknowledgment of black achievement (historical and present day) in science.

“The contributions and history of black individuals are not limited to just 28 or 29 days in a given year.”

It is important for kids who look like me and have the same skin tone as myself (black kids) to witness representation in the areas of STEM which may positively influence them deciding to become a scientist, mathematician, etc., and at the very least help them develop an appreciation for and adept knowledge in these areas of study.

Our goal here at PPC & The BioKive is lofty and we are attempting to cover a broad range of topics across several sectors; all of which we are passionate about, but in saying this we know these goals are achievable. It’s the very least (like seriously) that we can do.

With that being said (especially if you’ve read this far), we want to hear from you. If you would like us to cover a specific topic in the areas of:

• Biology

• Microbiology

• PPC products and services

• And black scientists and the impact of black individuals in the world of science, let us know.

What would you like more information on?

If you believe this blog site will help shed light on a particular subject for you or you found information on our products helpful…….send us a message at biokive@gmail.com.

Also, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter by providing your email addy below. We’ll make sure you are kept up to date on new blog topics, events, and even new PPC product launches.

Be sure to bookmark this blog page. We promise not to share your contact info and keep the information we share with you here as informative as possible.


Bryant Fouts

The BioKive Team

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